The Shorty Long Discography -
Devilish With the Blues Zest

Soulful, lyrically clever, and funky funky funky--that's the Shorty Long discography.

The Motown artist made his mark with swaggering hoots like "Devil With the Blue Dress" and the name-dropping "Function at the Junction." The problem was that few noticed such songs, despite many invitations to "come" to this or that place, or to anticipate an awe-inspiring figure's arrival.

Sometimes listeners were supposed to laugh more than gawk. "Here Comes the Judge" and "Here Comes Fat Albert" both borrowed their protagonists from comic routines, the latter one by none other than Bill Cosby.

Shorty Long music turns from pure R&B a bit in the Prime album, with greater gloss and social attunement. Since he didn't get the chance to explore anything further, gleeful blues remain his trademark.

Only two original Shorty Long albums, plus a smattering of singles and a recent compilation CD, appear in this Shorty Long discography.

I'll Be Here (1962; Tri-Phi single)

Too Smart (1962; single)

Devil With the Blue Dress (Mar. 23, 1964; a Motown single by Long/Stevenson)

It's a Crying Shame (1964; single)

Function at the Junction (Mar. 17, 1966; a single by Holland/Long)

Chantilly Lace (1967; single)

Night Fo' Last (1968; a single by Long/Paul)

Here Comes the Judge (1968; a single by Brown/De Passe/Long)

Here Comes the Judge (1968)

1. Here Comes the Judge (Brown/De Passe/Long)

2. Night Fo' Last (instrumental) (Long/Paul)

3. Function at the Junction (Holland/Long)

4. Don't Mess With My Weekend (Long/Moy)

5. Ain't No Justice (Brown/De Passe/Long/Wilson)

6. Devil With the Blue Dress (Long/Stevenson)

7. Night Fo' Last (vocal) (Long/Paul)

8. Stranded in the Jungle (Johnson/Smith)

9. Here Comes Fat Albert (Long/Moy/Starr)

10. Sign What You Wanna

11. Another Hurt Like This (Long)

12. People Sure Act Funny (Turner)

I Had a Dream (1969; a single by Long/Moy)

A Whiter Shade of Pale (1969; a single by Brooker/Reid)

The Prime of Shorty Long (1969)

1. I Had a Dream (Long/Moy)

2. A Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker/Reid)

3. Memories Are Made of This

4. I'm Walkin'

5. I Cross My Heart (Hunter)

6. Lillie of the Valley (Long/Moy)

7. Blue Monday

8. Baby Come Home to Me (Broadnax/Paul/Smith)

9. I Wish You Were Here (Long/Stevenson)

10. When You Are Available

11. Give Me Some Air

12. The Deacon Work

The Essential Collection (2000)

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