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Ringing Harmonies

For ex-Motown backups whose legacy as stars doesn't match that of other male groups, the Originals discography is a pretty good size.

Marvin Gaye's reverence for lush '50s doo-wop harmonies prompted him to write and produce Originals jewels like "Baby I'm for Real," "The Bells," and "We Can Make It Baby." Romance sounds serene, snug, even fragrant with the tight, overlapping voices and multiperson leads.

When the pop tide turned toward disco, the Originals followed suit. Even in a throbbing let's-dance number like "Down to Love Town," their vocals' natural poignancy lights up the record.

There's a surprising amount of track info out there for Originals albums. So to show it all off, this Originals discography runs from their Motown soul oldies to their post-disco projects.

Goodnight Irene (1966; single)

We've Got a Way Out Love (1969; single)

Baby I'm for Real (July 4, 1969; a single by Gaye/Gaye)

Green Grow the Lilacs (1969; aka Baby I'm for Real)

1. We've Got a Way Out Love

2. Green Grow the Lilacs

3. Baby I'm for Real (Gaye/Gaye)

4. I've Never Begged Before (Bullock)

5. Red Sails in the Sunset (Kennedy/Williams)

6. One Life We Live

7. Moment of Truth

8. Why When Love is Gone (Hunter)

9. When Will We Learn

10. You're the One (Gaye/Gaye/Hunter/Stover)

11. Love is a Wonder

12. You Mysterious You

The Bells (Gaye/Gaye/Gordy/Stover)/I'll Wait for You (Jan. 9, 1970; single)

We Can Make It Baby (Gaye/Nyx)/I Like Your Style (1970; single)

Portrait of the Originals (1970)

1. The Bells (Gaye/Gaye/Gordy/Stover)

2. I Like Your Style

3. There's a Place We'd Like to Know

4. You May Not Like the Change

5. Don't Stop Now

6. Since I Fell for You

7. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (Macdermot/Rado/Ragni)

8. You Want Hearts and Flowers

9. Just Another Morning

10. Wichita Lineman

11. I'll Wait for You

12. My Way

Naturally Together (1970)

1. We Can Make It Baby (Gaye/Nyx)

2. I Wake Up Crying

3. Once I Have You (I Will Never Let Go)

4. My World is Empty Without You (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

5. If You Gonna Leave (Just Leave)

6. Let It Be

7. The Only Time You Love Me is When You're Losing Me (Coleman/McMurray/Sawyer)

8. God Bless Whoever Sent You

9. Give Yourself the Right (to Be Wrong About Me)

10. Rainy Night in Georgia (White)

11. A Man Without Love

12. You Were My Everything

God Bless Whoever Sent You (1971; single)

I'm Someone Who Cares (1972; single)

Def. I. Ni. Tions (1972)

1. The Exodus Song

2. The World Can't Stop Me (From Loving You)

3. The Rovin' Kind

4. Make It With You

5. I've Got a Need for You (Bristol/Peters)

6. Love is Life

7. I'm Someone Who Cares

8. Lie No. 2

9. Come Rain or Shine

10. Keep Me (Gordy)

11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon)

Game Called Love (1974)

1. Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me

2. She's My Old Lady

3. Game Called Love

4. Behind Closed Doors

5. I Remember When (Dedicated to Beverly)

6. You're My Only World

7. So Near (and Yet So Far)

8. Ooh You (Put a Crush on Me)

9. Be My Love

10. Supernatural Voodoo Woman, Pt. 1

California Sunset (1975)

1. Why'd You Lie

2. Don't Turn the Lights Off

3. It Could Never Happen

4. Good Lovin' is Just a Dime Away

5. California Sunset

6. Sweet Rhapsody

7. Fifty Years

8. Let Me Live in Your Life

9. Financial Affair

10. Nothing Can Take the Place (of Your Love)

Communique (1976)

1. Mr. Troublemaker

2. Count Me Out

3. Down to Love Town

4. Touch (Sawyer/Wilson)

5. Natural Loving Feeling

6. Everybody's Got to Do Something

7. Bring Me Together (Wakefield/Wilson)

8. Just to Be Closer to You

9. It's So Real

10. All I Wanna Do (is Spend My Life Loving You)

Down to Love Town (1976; single)

Down to Love Town (1977; last Motown album)

1. Hurry Up and Wait

2. Down to Love Town

3. You Are a Blessing to Me

4. Six Million Dollar Man

5. Mother Nature's Best

6. Sunrise

7. Been Decided

Another Time, Another Place (1978; first Fantasy album)

1. Fantasy Interlude

2. Don't Put Me On

3. I've Loved, I've Lost, I've Learned

4. Temporarily Out of Order

5. Ladies (We Need You)

6. Take This Love

7. It's Alright

Come Away With Me (1979)

1. Jezebel (You've Got Me Under Your Spell)

2. J-E-A-L-O-U-S (Means I Love You)

3. While the Cat's Away

4. Come Away With Me

5. Stay (With Me)

6. Blue Moon

Yesterday & Today (1981; Polydor album)

1. Baby I'm for Real (Gaye/Gaye)

2. I'm Your Man

3. The Magic is You

4. Waiting on a Letter/Mr. Postman

5. Share Your Love With Me

6. Let Me Dance

I Just Keep Falling in Love (1990; Motorcity single)

Back by Popular Demand (with the Supremes, 1992; single)

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