Not So Innocent in the Motown Era?

Subtlety can signify brilliance. So could controversy-courting candor during the Motown era, a supposedly innocent age.

Of course, my description of that time isn't accurate. How can it be when '60s and '70s America was a notorious cauldron of racial, sexual, social, and political hot topics?

The poll choices below don't all adhere to those decades. But my point is that no network or PBS fundraising special would dare celebrate them!

Which was (or would have been)
most shocking to you
during the Motown era?

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers' early name, Four Niggers and a Chink
Marvin Gaye's overdubbed wording for Sanctified Lady (...Pussy)
Edwin Starr's extraordinarily blunt War
The Miracles' gay-club cruise in the concept album, City of Angels

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Not So Innocent in the Motown Era?