The Monitors Discography -
Making Their Own Sweet Music

You can't tell by looking at the Monitors discography, but that soul group was a terrifically entertaining live act. Onstage, it showcased more Contoursian antics than fastidious choreography.

The Monitors' feeble record sales didn't reflect their performance chops. Lead Richard Street, for instance, would sing with the Temptations for far longer than some of its classic members. Even the later Monitors tried to recall the harmonies of the Miracles, the group once fronted by lead Darrell Littlejohn's uncle, Smokey Robinson.

Admittedly, I'm relying on comparisons because there isn't that much Monitors info available. But they did impress enough to merit their revival at all.

With just two albums, the Monitors discography skips from the 1960s Motown era to the 1990s oldies circuit.

Say You (1966; a single by Dobyne/Jones/Staunton)

Greetings (This is Uncle Sam) (Feb. 24, 1966; a single by Bateman/Dunbar/Horn/The Valadiers)

Since I Lost You Girl (1966; single)

Bring Back the Love (Apr. 1968; single)

Step by Step (Hand in Hand) (Aug. 1968; single)

Greetings! We're the Monitors (1968; Motown album)

1. Bring Back the Love

2. Share a Little Love With Me

3. Step by Step (Hand in Hand)

4. The Further You Look, the Less You See (Robinson/Whitfield)

5. Since I Lost You Girl

6. Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music

7. Greetings (This is Uncle Sam) (Bateman/Dunbar/Horn/The Valadiers)

8. Time is Passin' By (Dean/Weatherspoon)

9. Say You (Dobyne/Jones/Staunton)

10. Number One in Your Heart (Bristol/Fuqua/Jackson/Wilson)

11. Serve Yourself a Cup of Happiness

12. You Share the Blame

Grazing in the Grass (with new members, 1990; Motorcity album)

1. Grazing in the Grass (Elston/Hou)

2. Cold as Ice (Levine/Littlejohn)

3. Rescue My Heart (Levine/Moy/Wagner)

4. Through the Test of Time (Levine/Levine/Moy/Wagner)

5. Brainstorm (Levine/Moy/Moy/Wagner)

6. Going to a Go-Go (Johnson/Moore/Robinson/Rogers)

7. You Are My Destiny (Levine/Levine/Moy/Wagner)

8. The Tears of a Clown (Cosby/Robinson/Wonder)

9. Forever and Ever (Levine/Moy/Wagner)

10. Standing Still (Levine/Levine/Moy/Wagner)

11. Day by Day (Cahn/Stordahl/Weston)

Other Tracks

  • Cry
  • Crying in the Night
  • Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
  • For Your Love
  • Guilty
  • Hello Love
  • I Can't Get Along Without You
  • I'm in Love With You Baby
  • It's Got to Be Love
  • Just to Keep You Satisfied (Gaye/Gaye/Stover)
  • Just Too Much to Hope For (Bristol/Fuqua/Jackson/Wilson)
  • The Poor Side of Town
  • Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (Bradford/Strong/Whitfield)
  • What More Could a Boy Ask For
  • Words

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