The Kim Weston Discography -
Alone in the Light

This Kim Weston discography is short, and except for her affable duets with Marvin Gaye, it's all hers.

It's just as well that Kim Weston albums are solo and not girl-group affairs. Her voice is mature enough to swelter with sexiness, sweet enough to waft by wistfully, and versatile enough to express feelings through high shouts or low murmurs all by itself.

In songs with fast, pushy rhythms, she can push back just as hard. Even when she slows down for ballads, the soul singer stays in command of the music-scape.

Since she has few Motown oldies to her name, this Kim Weston discography illustrates her "soul survival" beyond that company into the CD era. Love Me All the Way (1963; single)

What Good Am I Without You (with Marvin Gaye, 1964; a single by Higdon/Stevenson)

A Thrill a Moment (1965; single)

Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Sept. 2, 1965; a single by Dozier/Holland/Holland)

Helpless (1966; single)

Take Two (with Marvin Gaye, Aug. 25, 1966)

1. It Takes Two (Moy/Stevenson)

2. I Love You, Yes I Do (Glover/Nix)

3. Baby I Need Your Loving (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

4. It's Got to Be a Miracle (This Thing Called Love) (Bullock/Moy/Stevenson)

5. Baby Say Yes (Stevenson/Weston)

6. What Good Am I Without You (Higdon/Stevenson)

7. Till There Was You (Willson)

8. Love Fell on Me (Moy/Stevenson)

9. Secret Love (Fain/Webster)

10. I Want You 'Round (Robinson/Stevenson)

11. Heaven Sent You, I Know (Bullock/Moy/Stevenson)

12. When We're Together (Bullock/Moy)

It Takes Two (with Marvin Gaye, Dec. 5 1966; a single by Moy/Stevenson)

For the First Time (1967; first MGM album)

This is America (1968)

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing (1970; single)

Big Brass Four Poster (1970; People album)

Kim Kim Kim (1970; Volt album)

1. You Just Don't Know (Hutchison/Pauling/Stevenson/Tynes)

2. The Love I've Been Looking For (Cooper/Pauling/Shelby)

3. What Could Be Better (Basemore/Ware)

4. When Something is Wrong With My Baby (Hayes/Porter)

5. Love Vibrations (Colbert/Stevenson)

6. Buy Myself a Man (Thomas)

7. Got to Get You Off My Mind (Burke/Burke/Moore)

8. Soul on Fire (Stevenson/Weston)

9. Brothers and Sisters (Get Together) (Stevenson/Weston)

10. Penny Blues (Ben)

11. The Choice is Up to You (Walk With Me Jesus) (Stevenson/Thomas)

Investigate (1990; Motorcity album)

Greatest Hits & Rare Classics (1991)

Talking Loud (1992)

The Best of Kim Weston (1996)

It Should Have Been Me (Feb. 18, 1998)

  • Baby I'm Yours
  • Dancing in the Street (Gaye/Hunter/Stevenson)
  • It Should Have Been Me (Stevenson/Strong/Whitfield)
  • It's Too Late (King/Stern)
  • Just One Man for Me
  • Springtime in My Heart
  • Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

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